6/1/2020 To Our Food Industry Friends –

This is the most depressing marketing outreach email I have ever created, but it needs to be said:   The shelves are getting shattered due to COVID-19.   We’ve all seen it; the long sections of shelving, pegs and coolers that are depleted with many of the normally stocked brands, and other products filling their places or nothing at all.  Shelf tags are getting removed or lost; no one is doing schematic updates; and the normal adherence to chain Plan-O-Gram guidelines went out the window with the arrival of this pandemic.

And while our collective health, safety and well being are the primary concerns, at some point in time here shortly we are going to have to get back to business – and for any CPG retail brand that first step is going to require the re-acquisition of your retail distribution.   Because quite frankly, your shelf space may have diminished, or in some cases, vanished all together.  And we can help…

We are Infomax Shelf Management, and since 1986 we have served leading CPG companies with retail store product audits on their brands. Our coast to coast coverage in all of the major market areas with professional full time field auditors allows us to be a premier source for empirical “in-store” field data.  We collect accurate and actionable retail distribution information supported by in-store photos for products and sections; we can even integrate your company’s specific Key Performance Indicators into our mobile data solution, making it quick and easy to identify which stores you want to focus your retail execution team against.

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss the possible options for a shelf audit program that can help you and your field team salvage your brand’s retail presence.

In the meantime, my personal best wishes to you, your family and your team for safety and health.

Kevin O’Keefe

Managing Partner

INFOMAX Shelf Management, Inc.

Phone: 702.513.8503

We are Infomax Shelf Management, a National Research Company, and well established in Major Market Areas across the US.

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