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Services Available

Project Work (Infomax “Retail on Demand” program)

Designed for collecting data on specific item(s) and executed with a specific time frame as needed by the client.  A set of audits conducted in a specific time frame of your choosing (promotions, new item roll outs, etc.).  May be repeated throughout the year as needed.

Continuity Product Audit Coverage

Continuity (or ‘Syndicated’ coverage), represents the monthly ongoing audit measures you do on your key performance indicators on your core products and at key retailers or market areas.   This system of shelf management can often lead to increased retail distribution by securing “Top of Mind” status with retail field reps.

In-Store Merchandising on Demand

Basic in-store merchandising activity includes, but not limited to:

  • Coupon, Signage or POS Placement
  • Rack or Display Set Up and Maintenance
  • New Item Placement per POG
  • Product Code reviews and Product Pick Up if Necessary
  • Please feel free to inquire about any needed activity not shown here, and we would be happy to discuss how to best fill your needs.
Why Infomax should be your choice for state-of-the-art store product audits!
  • INFOMAX has been providing leading CPG companies with accurate and actionable retail intelligence, gathered empirically at store level, since 1986!
  • We have honed our expertise through 750,000+ store audits.
  • We measure all key Food Industry standards including: Product distribution, retail price, facings, out-of-stocks, displays, POS, etc.