Helping CPG companies

to manage the shelf with store audits since 1986!


When You Need Professional Store Audits!

Solving the shelf problem will require
systematic solutions, not stop-gap measures.

Regular store audits & the resulting feedback,
can be a first line of defense!

Store Audits and Surveys – In today’s fast moving retail environment, CPG companies need quality shelf-level information more than ever before.

But that information must be:

  • Accurate
  • Actionable
  • Timely

And it needs to be diverse and flexible:

  • For Tracking Speed to Shelf on New Items
  • For confirming Plan-O-Gram execution and Off-Shelf Displays
  • Or For measuring product facings, out of stocks, pricing, POS application, and any other metric required

Lastly, the deliverables needs to be:

  • Online, In real-time
  • Easy to review and understand data results
  • Convenient access to product and section photos in an online gallery
  • And a quick access to exportable exception reports

INFOMAX provides all of that and more with industry leading professional store surveys and audits!

  • Store Audits and Surveys
  • Supermarket and C-Store Product Merchandising
  • Retail Product Audits of any type
  • Any required store data
  • Any shelf measure or metric
  • Product set and section photos